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The Council Rock Newtown Athletic Association (CRNAA) manages, oversees and directs the activities of Council Rock Newtown Little League (CRNLL), Council Rock Newtown Babe Ruth (CRNBR), CR Newtown Travel baseball, and Newtown American Legion Post 440 baseball.  Board Members are elected to three year teams, and the President a one year term.  Open elections are held each year in Sept./Oct. 

Anyone wishing to reach the Board is requested to e-mail us at , rather than contacting an individual Board Member.

Jim Casey President 09/30/2018

Andrew Palsky Slugfest Director and Webmaster 09/30/2018 @cr
Ken Pfleger Treasurer 09/30/2018
Joe Anhalt Travel & Legion Commissioner 09/30/2020
Lou Chiarlanza Player Agent 09/30/2018
Brad Hamilton Secretary 09/30/2020
Jim Waitkus Facilities 09/30/2019
Paul Jones Sponsorship and Uniforms Coordinator 09/30/2019
Jeremy Cruz Fall Classic Director 09/30/2020

CRNAA and it's affliated leagues (CRNLL, CRNBR, CRN Travel and Newtown Legion) are all volunteer organizations.  CRNAA appreciates the assistance and dedication of the following 2017 league staff.  To contact any of our league staff, simply click on their name to generate an e-mail.



Name (click name to send email)


Jim Casey, Jr

Co-Vice Presidents Emeritus

Kevin O'Shea and Bob Musto

Treasurer & Board Member

Secretary & Board Member

Brad Hamilton

Player Agent & Board Member

Pitch Count Coordinator


Little League Commissioner


  • Tee-Ball Commissioner

  • Rookie (Coach-pitch) Commissioner

Jeremy Cruz

  • American League Commissioner

Andrew Palsky

  • National League Commissioner

Brad Hamilton

  • Majors Commissioner

Joe Anhalt

Babe Ruth Commissioner

Kevin O'Shea & Paul Jones

Travel Commissioner & Board Member

Legion Commissioner & Board Member

CRN Little League Post-season Director


CRN Babe Ruth Post-season Director


Equipment Manager

Newtown Twp Parks & Rec Liaison & Board Member


Facilities Manager & Board Member

Jim Waitkus

  • Chandler Fields

Andrew Palsky

  • Chandler Middle

Mike Scozzaro

  • Chandler Back

Brad Hamilton

  • Chandler Front

Jeremy Cruz

  • Veterans Park (Woll)


  • Veterans 46'/60'


  • Veterans 50'/70'


  • Veterans 60'/90'


  • Pickering (60'/90')

Matt Abbe

  • Helen Randle (60'/90')


  • Newtown Elementary

Andy Atkinson

Chandler Snack Shack Coordinator

Eleanor Casey

Pickering Snack Shack Coordinator

Karen Waitkus



Picture Day Coordinator 

oe Hemlinger

Sponsor Coordinator & Board Member



Kid Umpire Coordinators

Jeremy Cruz
  • American League (CRNLL)

Jeremy Cruz

  • National League (CRNLL)

Jeremy Cruz
  • Majors (CRNLL)

  • Babe Ruth (CRNBR)

  • Newtown Legion Post 440

Lower Bucks Legion

Internal Auditor


Safety Director & Board Member

Bob Musto/Carrie Pfleger

  • AED Coordinator

Carrie Pfleger

Uniforms & Board Member

aul Jones and Dave Marcy

Newtown Classic Tournament Director

Jeremy Cruz

Slugfest Director

Andrew Palsky