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Welcome to CRNAA ...
Council Rock Newtown Athletic Association (CRNAA) is the parent organization of: 

CRNAA also sponsors the Newtown Classic fall baseball tournament.

All the information on these various leagues, including age divisions, eligibility, residency requirements, tryouts, schedules and rosters can be found under My League & Team above, by selecting each league and/or your child's assigned team and/or by selecting the links above.  Registration information can be found under Registration above.

All CRNAA families must add to their e-mail address book!  For more information on e-mail troubles see our Online Help.
2015 Travel Baseball Information

A summary of the 2015 Travel Baseball Information is below.

Age Information Manager(s)
7 yr old

This is the first year Newtown will participate in this age group.  Try-outs for this team will be held during the beginning parts of 2015.  More details on dates, times and locations will come after the holidays. 


For those of you unsure what a travel league would look like at this age, below are some details from the league commissioner:

  1. There are no win/loss records kept.
  2. Everyone in the lineup bats.
  3. There is a 10 batter limit per inning.
  4. It is encouraged you move kids around the field as long as they can safely play the position.
  5. Games can be anything from coach pitch to kid pitch or a combination of both depending on ability of each team.
  6. The league is designed to play one game a week and games are mostly on Friday and Sunday's around the in-house schedule.

Please email Brad Hamilton ( ) if you are interested or if you have any questions.  Please note, this does not replace in-house but is being offered as an extra opportunity.

8 yr old 8A Roster Posted
9 yr old

9A Roster Posted

10 yr old

10A & 10B Rosters Posted

10A / 10B

11 yr old 11B Roster Posted  11A /  11B
12 yr old Parent Meeting complete - More information on winter workouts/evaluations pending

12A /  12B

13 yr old Parents Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 11th at 7:00 PM at the American Legion Hall.  Please take note of the date change. The original date was December 4th.  




by posted 11/09/2014
Adding/changing e-mail addresses ...
As team rosters are announced, parents inevitably ask Coaches to add their e-mail address to their "distro" list, or additional e-mail addresses.  Coaches do not and should not maintain any e-mail distro lists.  The Coaches are simply using the website to e-mail their teams and they have no idea what their member's various e-mail addresses are and don't need to.

If you would like to receive team (from the Coach) and/or league (from CRNAA) e-mails at different or additional e-mail addresses, you handle this change yourself.  Simply log into the website at the top right using the same e-mail address and password you used to register.  After loggin in, click on each individual family member and update their personal information, including e-mail address.  You can actually put multiple e-mail addresses (home & work) for each person, just separate them with a comma.  Save these changes and exit.   From that point forward you should receive the Coach's communications at the addresses you specified.

Coaches - in order to accomplish the above for your own family, after you log in, click on Edit My Account on the left side of the screen, to bring up your family rather then the intro Coach's admin screen.

by posted 02/26/2013
Google Calendar, Android and iPhone users
If you are an Android phone, iPhone, and/or Google Calendar user, there is a great new video tutorial by LeagueAthletics on how to link your child's schedule into your Google calendar, and thus to your Android phone.  The video example should translate very easily to iPhone/iCal users.  Once you follow the directions in the video tutorial, any changes made to the schedule by the Coach or League will automatically be pushed to your phone calendar!  You don't have to search around to figure out what date that rain-cancelled game was rescheduled for, it will be updated on your calendar automatically once it's rescheduled.

To watch the video tutorial, click here.

The webmaster has found the automatic update process, for reschedules, added practices, etc, to work more reliably if you link each team separately, rather than clicking multiple teams as in the video.

Also, you don't really have to use multi-schedule as suggested in the tutorial, you can simply go to your child's team page, click on the Schedule button (left side of team page), and use the Google Calendar button to produce the URL you need.

by posted 03/19/2012
On the go ...
If you visit our website from your mobile device and click on Home and then Family Schedule, after logging in, you'll see an updated schedule for your children for all their teams.
by posted 05/03/2011
Field Status
Bucks County C.C. Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
C.R. North J.V. Baseball - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
C.R. North J.V. Softball - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
C.R. North Var. Baseball - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
C.R. North Var. Softball - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Chandler Back Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Chandler Batting Cage - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Chandler Front Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Chandler Middle Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Chandler Parking Lot - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Goodnoe Elementary Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Helen Randle 60/90 Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Helen Randle BattingCage - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
N.M.S. Baseball Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
N.M.S. Softball Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Newtown Elem. Sch. Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Pickering Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Pickering Snack Shack - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Veterans 46/60 Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Veterans 50/70 Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Veterans 60/90 Field - Newtown TBD (12/18) 
Upcoming General Events

Click on General Events Calendar in the left sidebar for a more detailed monthly calendar.

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